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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will You Teach the Death of bin Laden?

There are some very good resources for teaching older students about this historic event, such as the The New York Times guides on bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and terrorism; and the White House webinar for high school students.

But what about younger students? How do you approach this kind of news? Wall Street Journal blogger Rachel Emma Silverman talked with parents who either struggled with the discussion or shielded their children from the news.

I believe that with younger children, you should follow their lead. If they are curious about bin Laden's death or want to discuss it, you should make time for it. Young people may not know about the 9/11 tragedy but may want to know why people are celebrating this death. Teachable moments for younger students might include the concepts of justice versus revenge and, of course, reassuring them that they are safe.

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